Hongqi L5 debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

Hongqi L5 debuts on the Shanghai Auto Show

The Hongqi L5 has debuted on the Shanghai Auto Show. It is the third car in Hongqi’s L-Series, after the giant Hongqi L9 (aka CA7600L) and the slightly shorter Hongqi L7. The L9 and the L7 are both powered by a V12, while the L5 will likely get a V8. The Hongqi L5 is also a bit shorter than the L7.


Only the L9 actually exists as a parade car for the Chinese government, the L7 is so far just a show car and so is the new L5. Whether the L-Series will ever be launched on the general market is very unsure. The L5 in Shanghai comes with flagpoles which indicates it is yet another government-only Hongqi.


Shorter wheelbase makes the L5 look stronger and more purposed than the larger L7 and L9.


Grille is fortunately unchanged…


With the L9 which has been redesigned a bit around the C-Pillar, more on that in a later post.

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Chuck Derer

Do you like the looks of this car?


Looks like a cheap 50 year old car. Ugly.