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Beijing Auto Show Live: FAW-Hongqi CA7600L

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The monster Hongqi CA7600L, also known as Hongqi L9, is powered by a 6.0 liter V12 with 408hp and 550nm. Size: 6395mmX2008mmX1720, wheelbase is 3800mm. It won’t go in full production but will be available on special order for around five million rmb, that is 500.000 euros. Not cheap but the machine is bullet proof and comes with two flag poles as standard.

By a way, the red car in the header of this website is a late ’70’s tin model of the late ’60’s Hongqi CA770.

This is the CA7600L used by Chinese president Hu Jintao during last year’s 1-Oktober military parade in Beijing. Is has four microphones, a special open-roof and a small stand in front of the back seats, so you can do this:

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