Spy Shots: facelift for the Brilliance-Jinbei S30

Spy Shots: facelift for the Brilliance-Jinbei S30

Spy shots showing the facelifted Brilliance-Jinbei S30 mini-SUV testing in China. The facelift included a new and much larger grille with more chrome, new head lights, new rear lights and new bumpers.


The current Brilliance-Jinbei S30 was launched on the China car market in June 2012. Price starts at 59.800 yuan and ends at 67.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 102hp 1.5 liter four cylinder mated to a 5-speed manual. Engine and transmission will continue is the facelifted S30 and price will be about the same.


Grille of current car was evidently too small for Chinese car buyers. The new grille makes that more than right. Three fat chrome bars in the center surrounded by an even fatter one. Bling!


New lights and bumpers, compare to current:


One thought on “Spy Shots: facelift for the Brilliance-Jinbei S30”

  1. The facelifted S30 looks exactly like the Green Wheel V5 electric car – identical front and rear. One wonders if Green Wheel got hold of the facelift’s bodyshell before Jinbei from a common supplier, or is Green Wheel converting S30s to electric even before the new S30 is out on the market (!)

    Of note, the new Yuzhou YZ6410 SUV (from Weichai Power group) utilizes the same bodyshell but different front/rear.

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