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Brilliance-Jinbei S30 hits the Chinese car market

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The new Brilliance-Jinbei S30 has been launched at the China car market. For now it is only available with an 1.5, a 1.5 turbo and a 1.3 will follow later. Price starts at 59.800 yuan and ends at 67.800 yuan. The S30 is a small-size SUV-cross thing aimed at first-car buyers looking for something different. Jinbei is a brand from Brilliance Auto famous for its minivans and small buses, the S30 is Jibei’s first passenger car.

Brilliance-Jinbei S30

The 1.5 VVT engine comes with 102hp and 135nm, mated to a five-speed manual. An automatic will be available later on and that is a smart idea indeed because especially first-car buyers don’t know how to use a manual, they barely know how to drive… The 1.3 which will arrive late this year comes with 88hp and 120nm.

Brilliance-Jinbei S30

It’s a nice looking car but it might sell better if they just put a Brilliance-badge on it. Earlier on we did see spy shots from the S30 with a different logo-frame on the bonnet but it seems Jinbei got the S30 anyway. It is also possible that Brilliance will sell a Brilliance-branded S30 next to the Jinbei S30, likely for a bit more money.

Brilliance-Jinbei S30

Dash is all right but not too impressive. Big screen is good but materials look cheap. Gear stick seems very close to aircon controls which sit kinda over-designed in an uneasy vertical line. Note logo on wheel, Jinbei indeed means ‘Golden Cup’ as in ‘the cup Holland will win on the European football (soccer) championship’.

Brilliance-Jinbei S30

Brilliance-Jinbei S30

Via: Sohu.com.

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