BYD Tang hybrid super SUV will hit the China car market in late 2014

Published on December 24, 2013 by W.E. Ning

BYD Tang hybrid super SUV will hit the China car market in late 2014

The new BYD ‘Tang’ hybrid super SUV will be launched on the China car market in late 2014, debut is expected for the Guangzhou Auto Show in November next year. Price of the Tang will start around 300.000 yuan. Green-car subsidies of central and local governments will bring price down to about 265.000 yuan.

The Tang will be powered by BYD’s new DMII dual mode hybrid-drive system mating a petrol engine with an electric motor. The petrol engine will be a 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder with 205hp and 320nm. The electric motor is the same unit as in the recently launched BYD Qin sedan; delivering 149hp and 200nm. Combined output of the power train in the Tang will be 354hp and 420nm.

The Tang will be based on the upcoming BYD S7 SUV that will be powered by the 2.0 turbo petrol.

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  1. brian Rafferty- January 7, 2014 Reply

    QIN looks like a great car and Tang will aso be great. With limiting license plates in Shanghai and Beijing why isn’t Byd making a huge impact in sales in these smog filled cities. I can understand the people in China’s reluctance to buy EV’s or hybrids but having a car with a plate is better than no car at all.

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