BYD Qin L plug-in hybrid sedan arrived at dealers in China before the launch

The BYD Qin L DM-i plug-in hybrid sedan arrived at dealers ahead of the sales launch. It will enter the domestic market on May 29 with a starting price of 16,600 USD.

BYD Qin L exposed in China as it applied for sales license

BYD Qin L is a 4.8-meter PHEV sedan with 90 km of electric range and a 5-gen DM-i powertrain. It will enter the market shortly.

BYD Qin L PHEV sedan exposed with 90 km EV range

BYD Qin L follows the brand’s latest design language and equips the 5-gen PHEV DM-i system.

New version of one of BYD’s top seller spotted on the road

Renewed version of BYD's top seller was spotted on the road. The new version of Qin Plus is expected this year.

BYD cuts prices for the first time in 2023 by as high as 2,800 USD in China

This price cut is sending the signal that stabilizing its existing market share in 2023 may be a more important task than maintaining profit margins for BYD.

2023 BYD Qin Plus DM-i Champion Edition Will Launch On February 10 In China With 1310km Range

It offers a comprehensive cruising range of 1310 km and two NEDC cruising ranges of 55 km and 120 km.

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