Honda Fit almost Harpooned to DEATH in China

Honda Fit almost Harpooned to DEATH in China

A freak accident in the great city of Wuhan in Hubei Province in China, where a Honda Fit hatchback got harpooned by an iron pipe falling down from an construction site. Miraculously the pipe fell exactly through the middle of the windscreen, hurting no one.


An overview of the scene, with the construction ongoing over the road and on each side. The road is public and open for all traffic. That however might change after this accident, because the next car might not be so lucky. Motorbike rider looks puzzled.


The driver of the Honda argues with a foreman, supported by a street-sweeping lady in an orange uniform. The foreman has something to explain indeed. The iron pole neatly struck the center tunnel, just in front of the gear lever. The pole was about three meters long.

The Honda Fit is manufactured in China by the Guangzhou-Honda joint venture. Seat covers are after-market, and ugly for that matter, and what are these electronics down doing there on the floor?


Bull’s eye…

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  1. I’m sure “the relevant authorities” will say its the drivers fault for 1900 rpm rather than 1700 rpm which caused vibrations in the air that caused the pipe to fall then fine the driver for damaging the pipe.

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