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ORA Chinese EV Brand Aims To Sell 6,000 Vehicles In Germany In 2023

ORA aims to sell 6,000 electric hatchbacks in Germany within a year. Let's sort it out together.

BYD Yangwang R1 Spied on Trailer in China With “Tank Turn” Feature

The BYD Yangwang R1 was spied in China. This time, we can look at its chassis and a tank turn feature.

How About Peugeot 408 With Swappable Battery? Dongfeng Fukang ES600 Launched

The Dongfeng Fukang ES600 is an electric version of the Peugeot 408 with a swappable battery and a price tag of 23,000 USD.

BYD Yangwang R1 Off-Road SUV Render Is What We Want

So BYD can apparently do hardcore SUV

XPeng Delivers 29,570 EVs in Q3, 14% Less Than Q2, Targets 21,000 Deliveries In Q4 2022

XPeng says November deliveries would be less than 6,000

Xiaomi-related SUV From Rox Brand Exposed In China. To Compete With G-Class

The EREV SUV From Rox brand backed by Xiaomi spied in China during charging. It is another 'G-Class killer'.

BYD Corvette 07 To Be Launched On December 9, Available In 6 Trims

The Corvette 07 has a presale price of $32,000

NIO Cooperates With Tencent To Enhance Autonomous Driving

NIO signs the cooperation agreement with Tencent to create advance autonomous driving solutions. Let's sort it out together.

William Li: Next generation of Nio cars is coming to the US

"We can't let people who learn from us run faster than us," concludes Li.
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