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This Is The New Landwind X2 SUV For China

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Here we have the first photos of the Landwind X2 SUV, formerly known by its code name E36. The X2 looks stylish with a sharp shoulder line, proper roof rails, and big shiny bars in the grille. It will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show next month and launch on the Chinese car market in Q2.

Initially there will be only one engine available; a 1.6 with 123hp. Later on a 150hp 1.5 turbo will be added to the lineup. It is going to be cheap, price will start around 65.000 yuan and end around 85.000 yuan. Size: 4160/1810/1670, and wheelbase is 2650.

Black D-pillar and matching spoiler are nice. Lights are a tad too large for 2017 where smaller units are the fashion. There is however one really bad thing: the exhaust pipe.

It is extremely poorly integrated in the rest of the design. It isn’t really integrated at all. It just hangs under the bumper. Very ugly. But the lights look nice, connected by a shiny strip with the Landwind name above it, written as LAND WIND.

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