W Motors Iconiq 7 Electric MPV Concept Launched In China

W Motors Iconiq 7 Electric MPV Concept Launched In China

This is the Iconiq 7, a new electric MPV concept from China, looking very high tech with its closed grille and tiny lights. The vehicle was developed by none other than W Motors, famous for the Lykan Hypersport and the  Fenyr Supersport. It was designed by Studio Torinio, headed by Alfredo Stola, and it will be manufactured and marketed by Iconiq Motors, a brand owned by a Chinese company called Tianjin Aiking New Energy.

Production is set to start in 2019 when the company wants to make 15.000 cars. Production will go up fast with 50.000 cars planned in 2022 and 110.000 in 2025.

Much of the platform and drive line has been developed by part supplier Magna. Iconiq has announced the electric motor will deliver 224 horsepower and that range will be “more than” 400 kilometers.

Size: 4900/1900/1860, and wheelbase is 3000. The Iconiq 7 will be available in a four-seat VIP layout and in a standard six-seat layout.

When launched the 7 will have limited autonomous abilities, but in 2023 the company plans to launch a fully autonomous version.

Three screens; one for the digital instrument panel, one atop of the dash, and one in the center stack.

The VIP version where each passenger has full-size flat screen for entertainment.

Three versions: VIP, Premium, and Entry. The latter is aimed at rental companies and… State-owned Enterprises. It has been a while since we have seen a company aiming specifically at SEOs. The practice was common in the early 2000’s but has since large disappeared. Perhaps Iconiq Motors sees a neglected segment there..?

Launch in 2019, first upgrade in 2020, new battery pack in 2021, and a facelift in 2022. That is a handy time table, customers might decide they’d better wait for 2022. Fully autonomous model in 2023, and it seems that model will look a tad more futuristic than the normal 7.

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