NextEV NIO ES8 Is A Surprisingly Normal Electric SUV

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This is the NextEV NIO ES8, and while it looks rather good it also looks surprisingly ‘normal’ from the young car company that gave us the EP9 supercar and the EVE autonomous concept. The NIO ES8 is a semi-concept which means that the eventual production car will only be different on details.

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Production of the full electric ES8 is set to start in late 2018 in a joint venture with Changan Auto. Sales will then start in early 2019, initially in China only and later on also in Europe and North America.

NIO said the ES8 will have a range of 300 kilometers, which is not that much even today and certainly won’t be very impressive in 2018. Size: more than 5 meter long, more than 2 meter wide, and a wheelbase of more than 3 meters. It will seat seven in a 2/3/2 layout. No information yet on the motor and battery.

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Fenders very pronounced, black wheel arches, a black roof, and large rear lights. It would be a great car to compete on the high-end SUV market today, to battle with cars like the Volkswagen Teramont and Toyota Highlander. But it just doesn’t look like a 2018 EV-only SUV. It should be a bit more special, a bit more, dare I say.., Tesla.

The windows are large all around, a welcome departure from the ever smaller windows we see on many other new SUVs. The interior should be airy. Sadly we don’t have any pics of the insides yet. I will update this story if we get some.

The lights look great, but the NIO ES8 needs a bit more crazy.

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  1. Contemporary design. Modern, yet subtle. I like it. This is a practical car, and not ugly like the Tesla X.

    So the electrical part;
    NEDC and EPA. The first is the New European Driving Cycle, and the second is from the US: Environmental Protection Agency

    The difference between the two ‘norms’ is approx. 20%. The ‘EPA’ is that much closer to the truth than the NEDC. But both are showing better result than real life experience.

    So, to try to sell a car with a range less than 400 km EPA, or 500 km NEDC is a waste of time in 2018.

    • “So, to try to sell a car with a range less than 400 km EPA, or 500 km NEDC is a waste of time in 2018.” Complete nonsense. Not *everyone* needs their car (SUV or anything else) to be capable of such long distances to a charge, nor will they want to have to pay for it. 200km is *ample* for the *vast majority* of car owners and the USD5k buyers of a relatively short range EV will save will be a very serious factor in their buying decision.

      • Well, I respect your opinion. But, the distance you argue is mainly smaller cars or city cars.

        The trend is very clear, and no nonsense – all serious, major car producers struggle to achieve sufficient mileage on their new cars. Anxiety about range, is the main obstacle against purchasing an electric vehicle according to the *waste majority* of producers. Your statistics are based on what the buyers “daily rutine” drivers normally need, but not what they want. So – be careful calling some ones opinion ‘complete nonsens’. Mutual respect please.

      • The Best Electric Vehicle Market in the World

        Norway is by far the top electric car market on earth.

        Norway has held its spot atop the EV sales leaderboard for some time, but the Times report shed light on how the incentives influence auto purchases for the average consumer. Comparing the cost of two Volkswagen Golf variants, the diesel model ran closer to $40,000 while the e-Golf with 82 miles of range ran consumers the equivalent of $31,000.

        In Norway there is approx. 2000 quick charging stations. The more population density, the more charging stations. But also based of traffic density. Look and learn! Norway does not have more than 5 mill. citizen, but there are registered more than 30.000 electric cars per year, and has been done for many years. The top-range cars like Tesla S and X is more common than VW (all models), on the street. Please don’t suggest that range does not matter!

        The highest density of Electric cars worldwide, look to Norway!

        When will some “businessmen” in China understand this??

        • I apologize for errors in writing. Laptop has ‘corrections’ to words that not always are ‘better’, than what I write. Unfortunately I don’t always notice this. Re.: “vast majority” contra “waste majority”… sorry!!

  2. The mandarin duck taillights are passé, for a start-up aiming to be on the edge.
    The reports of swappable battery packs is interesting though…

    • Swappable battery packs is not going to happen in private cars. The reason is that it is a private car. Batteries, as is the heart of these cars, may be damaged by som many environmental or other reasons, that you don’t want to receive something you don’t know what happend to.

      Imagen swapping your petrol car engine every 500 kilometer!!


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