More On The New Buick Excelle sedan For China

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Buick Excelle

More photos of the new Buick Excelle sedan for China. It looks far more modern than the old car, and its nose is nicely in line with the rest of Buick’s Chinese lineup.

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The old Buick Excelle. Production has ended already but it is still available at some dealers. When still new price ranged from 86.900 to 139.800 yuan. Engines: 1.5, 1.6, and 1.8.

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The new Excelle will launch on the Chinese car market in early H2. It is a very important car for Buick as the outgoing Excelle has continuously been in the top-5 best selling cars for many years.

The price range will be about the same as with the old Excelle, but the engines are all new: a 1.0 liter turbocharged 3-pot with 136 hp and a 1.3 liter four with 107 hp. ‘Boxes: 6-speed manual or CVT.

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Old: 4515/1725/1445, wheelbase 2600.
New: 4468/1765/1469, wheelbase 2611.

The new car is shorter, wider, higher, and has a longer wheelbase. But the differences are so small they will barely matter in the real world.

The interior is a bit of a letdown. The touch screen is far too small for 2018 and certainly smaller than what most of the Chinese competition offers. The instrument panel is old fashioned analog with only a tiny screen in between the dials. There is a lot of black plastic and cheap looking silver detailing in the wheel and around the gear lever. Faux wood doesn’t help.

The seats themselves look nice.

It is a good looking car, but also as exciting as an apple. Buyers in this segment tend to be conservative, but buyers in this segment as w whole are getting younger, and these younger buyers might find the risk-less lines of the new Buick Excelle a bit too boring.

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