More information about Nio’s Onvo L60 interior revealed

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Nio launched its mass-market brand Onvo on May 15 and unveiled its first car, an electric mid-size SUV called Onvo L60. Nio revealed some details, like range and dimensions, but many key specs, like powertrain info or battery details, were left in the dark and will be revealed later.

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The interior wasn’t fully revealed either; however, later, Nio shared some details on its website. The cabin will be dominated by a large 17.2″ 3k central control screen with thin bezels, only 5.35 mm wide. The screen-to-body ratio is 91.5%.

Massive 17.2″ LCD.

This is good news as all Nio current models have only a 12.8″ central screen, and users often request that it be enlarged.

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All of Nio’s NT2 platform-based models also have a 10.2″ screen for an instrument panel. This screen is gone in Onvo L60, and there is nothing in front of the driver but a head-up display (HUD) with a 13″ diameter. HUD is a transparent display that presents data on the front windshield.

The only picture where can be seen some of the interior.

There are no LCDs attached to the seats for rear passengers like in the Xiaomi SU7, but there is one 8″ entertainment screen on the rear of the central console.

Form left: 13″ HUD, 17.2″ central LCD, 8″ rear screen.

During the launch, Nio had a lot of impact on how L60 is spacious inside, compared mainly to the Model Y. Nio event released a video ad mocking Model Y, which is quite controversial as it seems they did lots of creativity while moving the rear seats of Model Y as much in front as possible.

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However, Onvo did a great job when it comes to interior flexibility. The front seats can be completely folded down, creating a space that Onvo calls a Video room. You can simply sit on the rear seats, put your legs on the front seats, like on a couch in the living room, and watch movies on the front screen.

The rear seats can also be folded. Onvo calls it a Camping king room. You can put a 2.3 meter by 1.4 meter air matrice on it, and according to Onvo marketing materials, it should be comfortable for a family of three to sleep in.

Camping king room.

The last one is called a Lunch room and it is simply front rear seat folded with optional food tray.

Lunch room.

Onvo focuses on spaciousnes a lot as the car is not intended only for China, but will launch on global markets in Q4, Europe being its first stop.

The seats are in-house developed and made of what Onvo calls Caretech material, which passed OEKO-TEX 100 maternal and infant level 1 certification, is skin-friendly, non-allergenic and antibacterial, according to Onvo.

Caretech seats.

Onvo started pre-sale of the L60 entry-level version with battery for 219,900 yuan (30,400 USD), undercuting Tesla Model Y by 10% or 30,000 yuan (4,200 USD) in China. The version with BaaS will be most likely 50,000 – 70,000 yuan cheaper (6,900 – 9,700 USD). Onvo L60 has energy consumption of 12.1 kWh/100km, while Model Y has 12.5 kWh/100 km under CLTC conditions.

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