New Nio ET7 with semi-solid battery reached 1,070 km in real-world testing

ET7 was equipped with massive 150 kWh battery which will hit swap stations in May or June.

2024 Nio ET7 opened for orders and will start deliveries in China on April 30

The 2024 Nio ET7 became available for blind orders for 690 USD in China on April 16. It will start sales on April 25.

Nomi GPT – Nio’s AI assistant just got a whole lot more real

Nio's Nomi AI assistant has got a lot smarter with encyclopaedic knowledge and with an emotion engine a lot more personal.

Nio’s Model Y competitor Onvo L60 spied in the wild in China

The Onvo L60 has been spied in China. The new mass-market brand from Nio's first car will compete with the Tesla Model Y.

Nio rolls out first mass-produced 150 kWh semi-solid battery pack

Nio 150 kWh semi-solid battery pack will go live in a few months, offering over 1,000 km of range on a single charge.

Nio rolls out world’s first mass-produced 900V drive system

Nio’s 900V Thunder EDS reportedly has world’s highest power density. It will be adopted first by the brand’s flagship car – Nio ET9.

First EV from Nio’s European brand Firefly spied in China

Nio’s Firefly EV will enter European markets in 2025. It will be also available in China for the price range of 13,900 – 27,800 USD.

Nio’s Onvo L60 coupe-SUV leaked in China, to compete with Tesla Model Y

Deliveries to start in fourth quarter, according to William Li.

Nio’s Alps DOM EV claims it’s better than Tesla Model Y

Alps DOM electric SUV from Nio was spotted during road tests. It is the Model Y rival that will enter China shortly.

Time to kill the Nio ES7

It's time for Nio to kill the ES7. The ES7 offers little more than the best-selling ES6 and buyers have noticed leading to poor sales.