Deepal G318

Changan’s Deepal G318 range-extender off-road SUV launched in China

Price starts at 24,300 USD. The highest pure electric range is 190 km and the comprehensive range is 1,000 km.

Deepal G318 hardcore off-road SUV will launch on June 13 in China

The Deepal G318 features a range-extender power system with a reported comprehensive range of 1,000 km.

Deepal G318 debut

Deepal G318 hardcore off-road EREV debuted today in China. Sales are expected to begin soon on this extended range electric SUV.

Changan’s Deepal G318 applied for sales license. Specs revealed

The Changan’s Deepal G318 is an EREV medium-to-large off-road SUV with up to 316 kW. It can tow up to 1,600 kg.

Changan’s Deepal G318 is a new hardcore off-road SUV for China

G318 will be Deepal's first new energy hardcore off-road SUV with tank turn capability.