Voyah Zhiyin all-electric SUV with camouflage spied in China

The Voyah Zhiyin will be the brand's first global model after the launch of the Let's Voyah overseas strategy, and will offer up to 901 km range.

M-Hero 917 gets more badass and becomes a communications command vehicle

Menshi 917 EREV becomes a communications command vehicle with satellite link and explosion proof protection.

Voyah Zhiyin EV with 901 km range to be assembled at Nissan’s plant in China

Dongfeng’s Voyah Zhiyin with 901-km range will be assembled at the Dongfeng Nissan plant in Wuhan. It manufactures the Nissan Ariya.

Dongfeng’s M-Hero 917 Dragon Armor Edition preorder begins, priced from 105,800 USD

M-Hero 917 is an off-road beast that can accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds

Dongfeng eπ 008 launches in China with the only option being EV or EREV

Electric Dongfeng eπ 008 SUV launched in China. Comes in both fully electric and EREV versions, single motor only. One price for the car.

New Voyah Free 318 enters China with longest electric range among EREVs

The Voyah Free 318 EREV crossover from Dongfeng entered the Chinese market with a starting price of 228,900 yuan (31,550 USD).

Is Geely the Chinese company helping Renault with the Twingo EV?

Evidence suggests Geely is the most likely Chinese partner in the Renault Twingo project. Another possibility is Dongfeng.

Dongfeng Motor to deploy humanoid robots for auto manufacturing

This isn't a scence from Will Smith's movie iRobot. Actual humanoid robots will be working in car factories.

2024 Voyah Dreamer Private Customized Edition 4-seater MPV will launch on June 1

The Voyah Dreamer follows behind the footstep of the Denza D9 Pioneer Edition and Zeekr 009 Glory Edition to launch a 4-seater version.

Dongfeng Aeolus L7 enters market starting at 17,800 USD

The L7 is Dongfeng Aeolus's first plug-in hybrid SUV, available in 1,400 km and 1,500 km comprehensive ranges.