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Greatwall Tengyi V80 MPV gets 1.5 Power

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The upcoming Greatwall V80 MPV will get its power from GW’s 1.5 turbocharged four cilinder. The engine pumps out 132hp and 180nm. The Greatwall V80 will hit the market this year, price will start around 130.000 yuan.

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  1. What are greatWall doing with naming? Is everything going to be a Voleex or Tengyi?

    [edit: hello Paul. Tengyi is the Chinese name, Voleex the English name. GW uses it for their sedan and mpv line. For the suv’s they use Hafu in Chinese and Haval in English. They used to use Hover but found out that name was registred already in Europe and the US. The Hover-name however is still being used as the English name in China. Hope this helps!]


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