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Zotye Z200 and Z200HB Listed & Priced in China

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The Zotye Z200 and Z200HB are based on the Fiat Siena and Palio respectively. Fiat sold the platforms to Zotye back in 2008. When production started Zotye called the cars the Langjun and Langjie but decided earlier this year to go for Z200 and Z200HB instead.

Dash Z200. Engines are Mitsubishi-sourced, a 1.3 with 65kw and 115nm and a 1.5 with 88kw and 147nm. Pricewise an interesting story, the sedan is actually cheaper than the hatch. Price of the sedan starts at 43.600 yuan and ends at 68.600 yuan. Price of the hatchback starts at 49.600 yuan and ends at 76.600 yuan.


Dash loox a little familiar…

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