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Freak Accident: Egg-truck Crashes in China

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Do you like scrambled eggs in the morning? Here is a highway full of ‘m, caused by a very interesting accident that happened a while ago in China. A truck loaded with more than 20.000 eggs fell over on a highway near the great city of Chengtang in Tibet Province.

Freak Accident: Egg-truck Crashes in China

Policemen rushed to the scene for inspection, an for some eggs for the wife. The accident was likely caused by a frozen and slippery road, fortunately nobody got seriously injured, the driver of the egg-truck was taken to nearby hospital with some scratches but released soon after, he is probably still trying to get all his eggs back.

Freak Accident: Egg-truck Crashes in China

Desperate man looking for one specific egg.

Freak Accident: Egg-truck Crashes in China

A sea of eggs. Truck made by Dongfeng.

Via: MOP.com.


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