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Introducing the mighty Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle

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A brand new car from our favorite bad-ass vehicle maker from China. This is the Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). It was designed for the Chinese army and specifically for amphibious operations, the underside of the body the therefore shaped like a boat.

Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle

Exhaust-pipe sits very high on top of the roof so the water can’t get in. 2×3 smoke grenade launchers on each side of the turret. Turret empty here but it can fit a heavy machine gun or a light canon or mortar. Armour is up to 10 centimeters thick and will protect against any small-arms bullet and most RPG’s. The XLW-Z01 ain’t made for quelling riots, this baby wants to go to war…

Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle

Boat-shaped under-body clearly visible here. Very small headlights, when these things attack a beach they don’t wanna be seen by the enemy, so why bother a decent light? Power comes from a China-made Steyr 3.2 liter 6-cylinder diesel that delivers 160kw. It is the same engine Xialong uses for all its vehicles, mostly it poops out just 135kw. I guess it needs some extra power to propel all that armor, empty weight of the XLW-Z01 is 7.5 ton.

Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle

Interior very basic, functional. Seat covers nicely in military style, a soldier indeed will feel at home. Wheel very truck-like. Windows at least 3cm thick. Permanent 4×4, fully automatic. A driver can’t be bothered with changing gears when under fire!

Xiaolong XLW-Z01 infantry fighting vehicle

Boat-shape even better visible here. One propeller on each side of the body. Steering in the water by increasing power to one of the propellers. Some amphibious IFV’s have a small rudder or movable propellers. This one doesn’t, likely because the more can move the more can break, and sure to keep costs down. Brilliant vehicle from Xiaolong again, can’t wait to see what is next.

Via: Huangqiu, Xiaolong.

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  1. R U sure this doesn’t have a Rudder or a keel underneath. You have to have something to move this weight if not the props spinning in 1 direction will not move vehicle except in 1 direction. Those are some small props at that too, for a mass this size. I see it has plenty of “tow hooks” count on this baby getting stuck often!!


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