Ford S-Max goes Mad in China

Here we have a completely mad Ford S-Max MPV, seen right here in Beijing by reader & serial spotter Navigator84 who sadly will leave China soon. Thanks again! The S-Max is maxxed up by matte-green paint, half-green alloys, racy tires, a black bonnet and the biggest body-kit possible.

What a good car! The normal and indeed rather boring Ford S-Max is made in China by the Chang’an-Ford joint venture, but nobody buys it, because Chinese don’t get this mini-MPV thing. Would sure sell better if it looked a bit more like this green monster. Ford, just isn’t exciting enough by itself, they need help, and this great Ford-owner in Beijing gave ’em some.

3 thoughts on “Ford S-Max goes Mad in China”

  1. Just drop that Ecoboost 240 into it along with dual clutch transmission! Oh, the addition of a spare tire would also be nice. Maybe hung outboard ala Rav4?

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