Land Rover Discovery is matte black in China

Here we have a fine matte black Land Rover Discovery, seen by a pengyou in the great city of Shenzhen in Guangzhou Province. The stealthy Disco carries two sets of license plates, one set for China and one set for Hong Kong, which is very near to Shenzhen. Although part of China Hong Kong is still ‘separate’ in many ways, it got its own legal system, its own little government and cars still drive on the wrong side of the road.

Chinese citizens need a special permit to visit Hong Kong, but those with the right connections can get in and out whenever they want. This Discovery has its steering wheel on the right, indicating its home is Hong Kong. The vehicle loox very good in matte black, helped by matte black alloys and the contrasting shiny side bars.

Great car, approved!

4 thoughts on “Land Rover Discovery is matte black in China”

  1. ‘This Discovery has its steering wheel on the left, indicating its home is Hong Kong’
    The steering is on the RIGHT, for RHD markets such as HK,Macau, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Australia ……….
    Now RHD cars DRIVE ON THE LEFT SIDE of the road, and LHD cars drive on the RIGHT .
    English language – always throwing up confusion …. but ‘Chinglish’ …. totally confusing !!!!

  2. Hey, this is the second time I’ve asked you to STOP saying that Hong Kong drives on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.
    Traffic was driving on the LEFT side of the road LONG before anyone ever thought to drive on tne right! Most of Europe drove on the LEFT in the early days of vehicular traffic. So really everyone who drives on the RIGHT is actually driving on the WRONG side!!!

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