Transporting Peugeot automobiles, the Chinese Way

Transporting Peugeot automobiles, the Chinese Way

A giant auto transporter seen north of the sixth Ring Road in Beijing. The truck carries 14 Peugeot automobiles on top and some Citroens below. The upper deck is made wider and longer to accommodate the extra cars. Construction is very simple, just some welded steel rods and plates that look like they will break when the truck hits a big bump.

Transporting Peugeot automobiles, the Chinese Way

This sort of transport is officially very forbidden in China but in reality nobody cares, not at least the police. Earlier on reader Laowei met a similar transport in Xinjiang. The Peugeot and Citroen vehicles are made by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture and were likely on their way to a distribution area.

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  1. Not one – the rest are behind the ‘protective red plate’ , presumabily to stop tea-leaf’s robbing stuff at traffic lights ??? That’s what I love about Asia, ‘rules’ but no rules – so long as something works let it be !

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