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Transporting 20 cars, the Chinese way

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Here we have a brilliant pic from a giant car transporter carrying 20 brand-new Toyota’s on a highway in Xinjiang Province. The upper deck is widened so two cars can stand alongside. This freaky truck was seen by reader Lao Wei on a foggy day, thank you very much for the picture.

China’s transporting habits continue to amaze, earlier on we spotted new, innovative and slightly illegal ways of carrying trucks on trucks, another dangerous car transport, never too much rice, a minivan on a tricycle, and 3-wheel bicycles.  All kinda goes well most of the time, but sometimes those poor cars get very angry

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  1. I live in Anting, the “Automotive City” of Shanghai, home, among others, to the SVW plant, and see those things daily. Also the extra long ones with just one line of cars.

    Both versions are actually illegal and a huge hassle on the streets. Image those things trying to take a 90 degree right turn. Whenever they are not going in a straight line they basically become unpassable crawling objects.

    What they do is to take a legal sized trailer to registration, then later take the license plate and VIN from that trailer and put it onto the big, illegal ones. Also most of those “special vehicles” are registered in Guangdong Province, I guess the regulations there are more relaxed and the gov is taking a blind eye on those things since they keep pushing the auto industry.

    These trucks mainly transport Japanese or Chinese cars. VW and GM use the, still illegal since too long, single line ones.

    The drivers of those things are mostly pretty ignorant too. They ignore traffic lights, block whole intersections and often get stuck in toll gates.

  2. Get used to the wavy deteriorating road surfaces, especially, in the right lane because overloading is not going away any time soon. Has anyone seen an operational weigh station lately?


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