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Chinese Lifan driver Likes it Chinese

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Chinese Lifan driver Likes it Chinese

“I love made in China”, seen on an old Lifan 520 near the 5th Ring Road in Beijing. The sticker refers to the island row with Japan, where many angry Chinese suddenly started buying ‘home-grown’ brands instead of Japanese.  Many ordinary Chinese citizens are still very angry about it all, at a moment when high-politics are getting ready to reduce tensions, so there probably won’t be a war.

Chinese Lifan driver Likes it Chinese

This is our nationalistic man. His wife was driving. Soft…

Chinese Lifan driver Likes it Chinese

This is the Lifan 520, its successor has been announced but hasn’t made it to the market yet. The current 520 was launched in 2006 and is still in production today. The platform is an illegal copy of the platform that underpins the ancient Citroen ZX, which by the way is still in production as well. The Lifan 520 is powered by 1.3 and 1.6 liter engines, price ranges from 40.900 yuan to 49.900 yuan. The sticker will do around 100 yuan.

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  1. The only country which would benefit from war between China and Japan is the US (or more precisely the current leadership of the US, who are increasingly terrified by the rise of China and looking for ways to stop it).

    A war would be complete insanity. Both countries should focus on economic development and making SE Asia the economic and political centre of the world.

  2. The US is being destroyed from within and is heading for collapse and disintegration.

    China needs to keep playing a long game, focus on internal development and investment and wait. No wars. That’s the very mistake the US made.


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