Angry Birds helicopter from China

Angry Birds helicopter from China

We are still traveling all over the country for business, so updates are a bit slow these days. We went from Shenzhen in the south all the way to Shanghai in the east and now we are in Guangzhou, which is very close to Shenzhen again. Our sweet secretary is better in ‘other things’ than in planning a proper trip.

Anyway and how, we see a lotta interesting things along the way. Here we have an Angry Bird Happy Bird helicopter, seen on a toy market in Guangzhou, yours for 180 yuan or almost 30 USD. Worx as any other cheap toy helicopter and stays in the air for about 20 minutes. Enough time indeed, to be angry and happy. Bird measures some 20 centimeters from beak to tail. More Angry Birds crap from China soon, they got a lot down here…

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