Spotted in China: Volkswagen Passta, number 2

Spotted in China: Volkswagen Passta, number 2

A gray Volkswagen Passta, seen in the great city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province by reader Dave Teo, thank you for the picture! This is the second Volkswagen Passta we meet in China, earlier on we saw another example in Beijing. The Passat-Passta name is glued on the vehicle in individual lettering, it’s not a badge. Chinese factory workers, who mostly can’t read much English, are likely responsible for the fuzzy mix-up.


The Volkswagen Passat is made in China by the Shanghai-Volkswagen joint venture. Price starts at 183.800 yuan and ends at 322.800 yuan. Now; Passta instead of Passat doesn’t seem a very serious error. But on the other side, if they can’t even get the name right, what about the more technically-challenging parts, like gearboxes for example?

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No final inspection process before leaving the factory..

Who signed off the car