Happy Year of the Monkey!

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Hello Readers,

the Year of the Monkey starts tomorrow at 00:00 on Sunday night, sending the Goat back to the heavens.

According to the ancient all-meaning wisdom the monkey will bring prosperity and many good, but challenges are abound, as the good old tree mouse ain’t the easiest of animals to have around. So live with care.

The monkey is special to me because her coming means I have been a full animal circle in China. I arrived here in mid 2003 and 2004 was my first Monkey year. Too long, far too long!, but there is still so much to do. Any other Monkey memories..?

For our little website the Monkey hopefully brings more beautiful cars, more readers, and a bit of gold. She surely brings busy with the Beijing Auto Show that starts in early April. In any way, many more stories to come…

The entire next week is a national holiday in China and there won’t be much news. We take a break too with jiaozi and baijiu, but we might post spots and other wuzzy stuff.

See you all in the Monkey year.


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