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Daf 33 in Zandvoort, the Netherlands

Dear Visitors,

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At month’s end I will return to the Netherlands after 15 great years in China. I will stop updating CarNewsChina.com, this is my very last article. I started this website back in 2010, and it has been a fantastic time. I met many fine people, traveled all over the country, and was doing what I loved most.

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It has been a long journey. Starting with just a few visitors in the beginning, growing fast to become the largest English-language website for news about the Chinese car market. We have been quoted, copied, and interviewed. We have been on T.V., in newspapers, and in magazines.

Some of you have been with this website from the early days, giving me much needed advice and support. Thank you. And another big thank you to all our visitors, for reading what we wrote.

This however is not a total goodbye. I will continue with ChinaCarHistory.com and CoolCarsInChina.com. These sites don’t depend on daily news and don’t grab 500% of my time, so I can update ‘m from down at the beach back home in Holland.

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The website will remain as it is. I will not delete anything. If there is anyone seriously interested in continuing this website, please let me know, and I will tell you all about it.



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  1. Yes, thanks a lot for your interesting and often humorous articles. Enjoy life and the fantastic air in the Netherlands!

  2. Merci de nous avoir partagé ces infos. Durant tout le temps vécu là bas vous avez du vous créer de nombreux contacts pour continuer le site. J’ai vu dans certains articles (leblogauto.com) et sur (imcdb.org) consacré aux films chinois il est montré des CITROEN BX, TALBOT HORIZON, PEUGEOT 604, PEUGEOT 205,… pouvez-vous me confirmer si ces voitures furent réellement vendues en Chine. Avez-vous des photos d’anciennes façades de concessionnaire? comme pour FSO par exemple. Avec ce lien (https://www.weibo.com/520loana?from=feed&loc=at&nick=Edwin%E8%B1%AA&is_hot=1) on découvre des voitures mais sans leur histoire dans le pays et c’est là que c’est triste. (https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/b0c1EeAzzudUjm5X5tfCiw)
    Bon voyage et j’espère que vous trouverez aux Pays-Bas des raretés qui pourraient faire des articles.


    • Hi Fabrice,
      We actually have a copy of this book. It is full of pictures of old cars – some even from the 1950’s. It appears that it was a collection of photos of cars that were on the road in Beijing at the time the book was made and was not a sales catalogue or something like that. The book contains Chinese cars, Japanese cars, Russian cars, European cars, American cars really cars from all over the world. That Fiat is interesting, the photographer is a friend of mine and we are going to hopefully write about it soon on China Car History.

      • les références du livre? existe en français? ce sont quand même des voitures en vente officielle? Pour la FIAT je n’ai pas retrouvé la photo c’est triste

  3. It’s the first time i post something since i started visiting this website many years ago. I cant thank you enough for keeping us updated on the chinese market and letting us know more about it, best of luck in future projects.

  4. I’ve been with you since the beginning, and have enjoyed the articles and the access it gave me to another world.

    One thing I never understood though: why did almost every article have to have “in China” in the title? 🙂


    • Because these cars are not for export so foreign readers need to know they can only find these cars ‘In China’ is my guess.

    • Hello. It’s for Google, to let the search engine know that I write about, for example, ‘Volvo China’, and not just about ‘Volvo’. In this way my articles get higher in the search results when people search for China-related car news. Greetings! Tycho

    • Except the websites I mentioned, I might continue the Facebook page of this website. It depends a bit on how busy I am going to be in Holland with a daytime-job… Greetings! Tycho

  5. Good Luck!
    Thanks for your share your vision about China-car-world. Everyday, my last 2/3 yeras, I checked 3 website cars: autoblog.com.ar, autoblog.com, and carnewschina.com .

    Hope enjoy your return to your country.
    Thanks again,

  6. Tycho, jongen, veel succes terug in het moederland. Heb je site altijd graag gelezen, en ik vind het zeer jammer dat er een eind aan komt. Waar moet ik nu heen voor Chinees autonieuws? Ik vind de ontwikkelingen daar enorm interessant.

    De site overnemen? Ik zou wel willen 🙂 maar ja, die verhuis hé.

    Anyway, veel succes en tot ik je eens tegenkom op een of andere autoblog…

  7. Danke für die vielen interessanten Berichte und Einblicke in die automobile Welt “in China”. Ich hoffe, es geht mit dieser Seite irgendwie weiter, es wäre zu schade, wenn sie eines Tages verschwinden würde.

  8. Thank you so much for the dedication, passion and humour which you have displayed in producing so much content on a topic virtually unknown in English. I look forward to keeping up with CarNewsChina especially.

  9. Damn…I’ve been a daily reader ever since I was 9 years old, which was almost when this website was launched…parting ways with such a precious part of my childhood is surely gonna be tough for me. Good luck with your future endeavors, Mr Tycho!

  10. This is the worst news ever!! I’ve followed and trusted this site for so many years – perhaps since the beginning, and referred to it in all my writing in equally many years – must be more than 8 years?? At least it felt like longer. Back then I had my own “Chinese Cars” website in Norwegian, and the stuff you brought was in the end the main source for my information. Therefore, I found that there was no use having my site – just like you, I discovered how time consuming this was.
    I simply advised readers to join- and read CNC.

    Because CNC; Always trustworthy, very fresh news, good pictures and intelligent reliable comments. A total overview of what is happening in the largest market, with the highest producing of cars – plus now also of electric cars, – in the world.

    Of course everyone understand that this is a full time job, for more than one or even three persons. Previously Chinese cars have mainly been domestic. But China is now “just about” to expand to the rest of the world, so isn’t it possible to establish a really profitable news service – to continue this site? And you would only need to be the controlling editor- staying in Holland with your wooden shoes and Heineken. 🙂

    Just an idea. I don’t know how easy it would be to set up a network of English speaking (writing) journalists or entusiasts (or both) in China? But you have already proven the present demand.

    Of course I will also say THANK YOU! for your great effort during these years – but I HOPE this isn’t the final end. Seriously.

    Best regards and wishes – even in Holland.

    Knut H. Nyhagen

    • Hello Knut,

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes it is a full time job (:. Writing, replying comments, updating design, taking care of hosting, defending against spam attacks, hacking, copy-sites (some copied my entire site, no kidding), dealing with advertisers, dealing with Google, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ….. etc etc.

      A small network would be great. Ideally there would be one person to take care of all the ‘admin’ stuff, and then 3 or 4 writers who can write at least 5 articles per week, each. I have tried to get something like that together for years. But it is hard because it would be a side-job for most people, and people are busy. But in anyway, I am open for any possibilities!

  11. So sorry to hear that you are no longer maintaining the site Tycho, it has been a daily must-read for me this past 4 or 5 years and I’ll miss it. Best wishes for your return to the Netherlands.

  12. Good luck and thanks Tycho. Nice to meet you earlier in the year in Beijing too.

    What will you be doing in the Netherlands?


  13. Thanks for all those informatives and truly humourous articles you posted over the years, Tycho. I’ve been a reader from almost the beginning I think, starting when I was living in China for a few years. I’ve moved back to Europe 5 years ago, but I’ve kept checking CarNewsChina every week or so. Good luck with the move back to good old Europe.

  14. Thank you Mr. Tycho for your job over the years. I have found your website about two years ago, and since then have been visiting it almost every day. The best website about Chinese cars in English. I loved your way of writing articles with loads of funny and precise humour. Best of luck to you in the Netherlands anyway and hopefully CNC will be continued.

    Greetings from Poland,

  15. I’ve really loved your site, thank you. Do you or anyone else have any recommendations for a good English language China car news site? I’m really struggling to find any.

    • See, that’s the problem Greg. From the worlds largest car market, there are next to none. Well you can get a little here and there, but not completely dedicated like CNC. What a pity, right?

      Actually incredible. And also unbelievable that it can’t be continued – as it ought to even be profitable! But – not….

  16. Hello. I’m Amin Naghizadeh. A writer and automotive analyst in Iran! In my country, the content of your site has been used a lot. I’m really upset about the many problems for you and your site. But what would be good if it was an opportunity to establish such a site for Iranian cars and the Iranian automotive industry. I’m happy to be in touch with you. My email address for you: [email protected]

  17. Tycho,
    Just back from the home of Korandos and Kias, I saw this late.
    What a surprise to hear that you, and your expertise, are leaving us. It’s been great following you all these years. You’ll be missed, as your contribution enters the annals of CAI history.
    Thanks for bequeathing us a valuable archive.
    Although your Chinese fans, official and otherwise, were not visible, I’m sure there were many who hung on your every word.
    Make sure to take enough bottled water for your Jeep’s trip across the new Silk Road, to home.
    Best wishes for continued success.
    You are a dadicated guy afterall. 🙂
    Good luck and Godspeed ….. 一路平安

    • Hello Dragn,

      How are you? Thank you so much for your kind words, and for the many comments and advice of the years. Yes, after 15 years in China it was time to leave. Got to come, got to go. I am already in Holland, with a job in Amsterdam that has almost nothing to do with China or cars. In a way, that is a good thing for me right now. But I am still updating the FB pafe of this site, just to keep at least something going. I still got my Beijing-Jeep Cherokee XJ. It is in Beijing. I might try to ship it to Holland later, but it is going to be difficult to get it registered here… Let’s keep in touch! Tycho

  18. The Chinese car-industry should make a statue of you! They owe you so much! 🙂

    I can’t help it, I am still checking out this website every day, even if I know you have left. What can we do now to get the info we want and need about Chinese Auto Business?
    What can all the other car-websites do to get news? They have secretly been watching you, although rarely giving you any credit! There are so many depending on CNC.

    • Hello Knut. Thanks so much for your kind words. I am not aware of an English-language website with daily car news. There is of course a lot of news about the industry-side, but very little about the product-side. I regularly update the FB page of this website, with news and new cars. I will try to keep that going. Still waiting for my statue (:



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