Porsche Never Did This: Zotye To Launch A Female Only SR9 Goddess Edition

Porsche Never Did This: Zotye To Launch A Female Only SR9 Goddess Edition

The Zotye SR9 is a very good clone of the Porsche Macan. But now Zotye is going to do something that Porsche never did: they will offer a female-only edition and it is going to be called Goddess. The SR9 Goddess will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show next month. It features a pink-painted body, pink mirrors, a pink dashboard, creamy white seats, and…

… customized umbrellas designed to prevent “wardrobe malfunctions”. The umbrellas are painted in pink too, with a gold colored stick with a pink egg-shaped decoration in it. S series refers to the Zotye S-series, with S for sport, which includes the SR9 and the Zotye SR7.

The name Nusheng (女神) is interesting. Literally and traditionally that means ‘Goddess’. But in today’s popular language it means “a woman who is admired by others”, like a hottie singer or an internet celebrity. The term has a very sexist taste. Just search it in Baidu (slightly NSFW). Zotye must have missed out on that.

The Nusheng is female-only but absolutely not for the cheap ladies. It will cost a massive 180.000 yuan while the standard car ranges from 108.800 to 161.800 yuan. There are no technical differences and engine is the same 190hp 2.0 turbo unit as in the rest of the lineup. I guess those umbrellas are expensive.

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