First Official Image Of The Jaguar XEL For China

Jaguar XEL

We got another ‘limousine’ for the Chinese car market. This is the new Jaguar XEL, a long-wheelbase variant of the Jaguar XE. Wheelbase has been extended with 10 centimeters for more space in the back.

The XEL will hit the market next month. It is made locally by the Chery-JLR joint venture. Power comes from two 2.0 turbocharged engines; one with 200 and one with 250 horses.

The XEL will get a twin-panoramic roof with skylight function and adaptive cruise control. Jaguar hasn’t released any images of the interior yet.

The Jaguar XEL will compete with other Chinese-market long-wheelbase vehicles such as the Audi A4L, the BMW 3Li, the Mercedes E-Class L, and the Volvo S60L.

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