This Is The New Geely Borui GT For China

Geely Borui GT

This racy red monster is the upcoming Geely Borui GT. Name and looks make it appear to be a sporty version of the Geely Borui sedan. It differs a lot from the regular Borui, compare:

Main differences: lights, light units, light size, grille, grille shape, bumper, wheels, and the chrome strip on the side.

Size wise the Borui GT is near-identical to the Borui:

Borui GT: 4986/1861/1513, wheelbase is 2870.
Borui: 4956/1861/1513, and wheelbase is 2850.

Engine wise however there is a big difference. The regular Borui comes with a 162 hp 2.4 or a 184 hp 1.8. The Borui GT gets a 1.5 turbo with 177 hp.

The rear with new lights, a new chrome strip, big ‘n fat exhaust pipe tips, and a speedy GT badge in red.

Regular Borui.

Borui GT.

We don’t think the Boruit GT will be on the Guangzhou Auto Show (starts tomorrow!), so we expect a debut sometime in early 2018.

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