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BingGo! FAW Has A New EV Brand For China

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This is the beautiful behind of the first car of a new electric-vehicle brand under First Auto Works (FAW). The brand goes by the catchy name of BingGo, with a double G. The Chinese name is Binguo, which means Bingo, as in Bingo!!!, with a single G. Well, that’s a great start. It gets better:

Just look at it! A sharp nose with sharp lights and loads of blue detailing; around the grille and in the bumper. It has blue wheels too. Power comes from an electric motor with 47 hp, good for a 100 km/h top speed. Range is yet unknown.

The BingGo xxx (the vehicle name hasn’t been announced yet) will be manufactured by Tianjin-Xiali, a FAW subsidiary based in the great port city of Tianjin.

Interestingly, it doesn’t look like any other FAW product. Size wise it doesn’t fit on any other FAW product. An that is highly suspicious because FAW isn’t exactly known for developing new platforms. So where is this BingGo coming from..? I strongly suspect they bought the whole vehicle from a third-party supplier, changed a few bits, added new badges, and gave it a go. This sort of ‘vehicle development’ is very common in China, especially in the EV sector.

Update: found it! The BingGo xxx is based on the Levdeo V60. Many thanks to the LSEV expert D Mitra.

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  1. Quote: “Interestingly … that is highly suspicious because … gave it a go.”

    Nothing is suspicious if you’d care to follow LSEVs 🙂

    Baidu these terms for a hint:

    雷丁 小骑士
    雷丁 小王子
    雷丁 D60
    雷丁 E60
    雷丁 V60
    宝路达 ds8
    比德文 m8
    江铃 E160

    and lastly:



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