Fengguang 580 launched. 184 HP for $15.000

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It was learned from a few Chinese news agencies that the Fengguang 580 was launched for pre-sales recently. And the price range of the new car is between 95.900 Yuan – 129.900 Yuan ($15.000 – $20.000). As a brand-new model, the new Fengguang 580 inherits Chinese aesthetics and injects more vital elements of the youth. The new car adopts a unique design and is more refined. At the same time, it is a six-seater SUV model that better considers the current needs of family travel.

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That said, it has a 2+2+2, i.e., a 6-seater design, especially the second row of seats, is very versatile, with 8-way electric adjustment, heating, ventilation, and sleeping headrest functions, bringing a more comfortable riding experience. At the same time, it is also equipped with a brand new 1.5L engine.

How to book the new Fengguang 580?

Customers interested in the new 580 only need to pay 9.9 yuan online to participate in the blind booking of the new car and will receive a transparent blind box. Apart from these, they can enjoy B station, NetEase Cloud Music, Himalaya FM, KEEP, Are you hungry, and WPS rice. The membership card benefits are randomly sent by six powerful platforms such as Shell and can become a lucky koi. When the number of orders reaches 10,000 units, the Fengguang brand will roll out one Fengguang 580 with a 5.8% discount for one of the customers.

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In addition, if a reservation user pays another 1,000 yuan (USD 154) online, he can not only directly deduct 5,000 yuan (USD 773) in cash for car purchases but also receive a Huawei surprise blind box gift composed of Huawei’s hot-selling electronic products such as Huawei nova phones, smart screens, watches, and tablets. You can also enjoy surprise gifts such as a financial subsidy of up to RMB 6,666 (USD 130) and an RMB 5,000 (USD 773) replacement subsidy.

Looks of Fengguang 580

In terms of appearance, the new Fengguang 580 adopts “Oriental futuristic aesthetics” as its design language. Its front face adopts the grille design of “a hundred birds, and phoenixes gather momentum,” abandoning traditional horizontal stripes, mesh or dot matrix, etc. The stereotype of the grille, based on the shape of the bird’s wing, forms the cohesive force of the birds soaring into the air, which is permeated with a lively and bold life.

The front day running lights in the same frame as the grille adopts a “skyline” penetrating design, which makes the contour of the front face of the vehicle more clear and creates a space-time pattern that integrates nature and the new car. At the same time, the front face of the new car uses a brand new “FENGON” letter car logo, which adds a sense of future and trend. Also, it implies the differentiated development of the scenery brand in the market segment in the future.

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The sideline of the new car adopts a “power through aesthetics” design. One of the waistlines runs from the front face “skyline” light group to the rear tail light group. The second waistline from the lower wheel eyebrows significantly improves the level of the new car side. Regarding the rear, the official said that its taillights are designed with a through-type three-dimensional taillight named “Goose Return.” The light group presents a “human” or “one”-shaped flowing effect, highly recognizable during driving.

In terms of size, the new car’s length, width, and height are 4720/1865/1710mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2785mm. It inherits the versatility and significant space genes of the scenery brand. It provides good support for the 2+2+2 wide and suitable seat layout.

More about the interior design!

The center console of the new car adopts an enveloping cockpit design. The red dividing line at the bottom presents a wrap-around arc. The red and black colors inside the car are well cut, and the overall shape is more distinct. In addition, the new vehicle also adopts the popular through-type dual-screen design, a new 12.3-inch full-scene interconnected intelligent control screen + 7-inch full LCD dashboard, which caters to the needs of the younger generation of intelligent and convenient life.

In addition, the suspended electronic shift lever is slightly tilted, making it easier to control. The chrome buttons on both sides of the seat are arranged symmetrically, including electronic handbrake, automatic parking, ESP switch, downhill assist, driving mode switching, etc. Function.

As said, in terms of seat layout, the new car adopts a 2+2+2 6-seater design, breaking the immovability restriction of the second-row seats of traditional 5-seater models, and bringing a broader and more comfortable seating space for the second-row passengers. It is more convenient for third-row passengers to get on and off the car freely.

Details about engine

In terms of power, adopting the new Miller cycle technology is the most significant technical highlight of the new Fengguang 580. This 1.5TGDI engine has a maximum power of 184 horsepower, peak torque of 300 NM, and its emissions reach the national 6b standard.

The transmission system part is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The total fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 7L or more minor. This engine is independently developed by Xiaokang Power and adopts Miller combustion cycle technology. It has many advantages such as high torque, high efficiency, high quality, low emissions, low fuel consumption, and low noise.

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    • Yes, the old and stale Fengon (Fengguang)580, of 2021 vintage, has morphed into a not so all new Landian E5 that is 40mm greater in length and has some updated tech out of sight.
      Going forward, the Dongfeng Sokon Fengon folks like to keep us customers guessing.
      And that’s the rest of the story.


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