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Big Read | From Lada to China – History of Chinese cars in Russia

Read the story of how Chinese car manufacturers tried to enter the Russian market from the early 2000s to the present day. Find out which companies made an impact and which failed to make a mark in the Russian automotive market.

FAW Hongqi H6 unveiled in China, heading to global markets

Another luxury sedan unveiled in China

Great Wall owned Wey will launch its Wey 80 SUV at 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show

Another SUV from Great Wall Motor's Wey brand

IM LS7 debuted in China, received 3000 orders in the first hour

Second EV from IM Motors (a JV between SAIC & Alibaba group)

BYD’s upcoming Denza Inception SUV spied in China

Denza is s venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz.

Chery will launch a new variant of Arrizo 5 GT with 1.5T engine in 2023 in China

An affordable variant of Chery Arrizo 5 GT unveiled

Huawei’s car Aito M5 gets OTA update in China

AITO pushes a new OTA update for AITO M5 to improve the vehicle

Geely unveils Panda Mini EV, Launch in 2023 for $5,700

Another day, another Mini EV entering Chinese market