Leapmotor C10 launched in China, price starts at 17,900 USD

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On March 2, Leapmotor launched its C10 medium-sized five-seater SUV in China, available in EREV and BEV versions, with pricing starting from 128,800 yuan (17,900 USD). The new car is expected to launch overseas in the third quarter.

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EREV versions 135,800 – 165,800 yuan (18,800 – 23,000 USD):

  • 210 Comfort Edition (135,800 yuan)
  • 210 Smart Edition (145,800 yuan)
  • 210 Smart Driving Edition (165,800 yuan)

BEV versions 128,800 – 168,800 yuan (17,900 – 23,400 USD):

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  • 410 Comfort Edition (128,800 yuan)
  • 530 Comfort Edition (138,800 yuan)
  • 530 Smart Edition (148,800 yuan)
  • 530 Smart Driving Edition (168,800 yuan)

Six exterior body colors are available for consumers to choose from, namely, gray, black, dark gray, light blue, white, and jade green.

The Leapmotor C10 sits on the Leap 3.0 architecture, measuring 4739/1900/1680 mm with a 2825 mm wheelbase.

Notable design elements include a square outline, combined with a panoramic sunroof, 20-inch multi-spoke rims, hidden door handles, a watchtower lidar on the roof, through-type light groups, and a rear spoiler.

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The Leapmotor C10 also comes with a level 3 advanced driving assistance system called Leapmotor Pilot with 25 functionalities, realized via 30 sensors including five millimeter-wave radars, 11 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, one 128-line lidar, and a NVIDIA Orin-X chip.

The EREV powertrain comes standard with a rear 170 kW and 320 Nm permanent magnet synchronous motor, a 70 kW 1.5L H15R engine, and a 28.4 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, providing a 210 km pure electric range (CLTC) and 1,190 km comprehensive range (CLTC), 170 km/h top speed, and 7.68 seconds of 0 – 100 km/h acceleration time. Under fast charging, it takes ~30 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.

The BEV series is powered by a 170 kW and 320 Nm permanent magnet synchronous motor, providing a 170 km/h top speed and 7.29 seconds of 0 – 100 km/h acceleration time, with the following variations:

  • 410 Comfort Edition: 52.9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 410 km range (CLTC)
  • 530 Comfort Edition: 69.9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 530 km range (CLTC)
  • 530 Smart Edition: 69.9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 530 km range (CLTC)
  • 530 Smart Driving Edition: 69.9 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 530 km range (CLTC)

The fast charging time is the same as that of the EREV models.

Inside, the cockpit features a T-shaped layout, available in two colors: orange and purple, featuring a 10.25-inch instrument panel and a 14.6-inch central control screen. The operating system comes from the Leapmotor OS, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip.

Furthermore, the front seat can be flattened up to 180°, transformed into a large sofa with a length of nearly 1.8 m. With both front and rear seats folded down, it can form an over 2.7 m bed.

The trunk can accommodate seven 20-inch suitcases at once, and can be expanded to 835 L after folding down the rear seats to accommodate up to 15 20-inch suitcases.

Source: Leapmotor, DongCheDi

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    • Too bad this budget EV has way more modern tech than the Porsche Cayenne, also this has autonomous driving capabilities.

      • Too bad the Porsche is still by faaar the superior car compared to this plastic thing with crapy lane assist which what they call autonomous driving…. hahhah

        you are so funny


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