Second Leapmotor car made in Europe, A12, will come with Lidar

Chinese media claim that the Leapmotor A12 the second model set for European production will come with Lidar

Week after EU import tariff announcement, Chinese Leapmotor T03 rolls-off production line in Stellantis Polish plant

Production of the Leapmotor T03 has begun at the Stellantis plant in Poland. Second model, the A12, to follow in 2025.

Stellantis backed Europe bound Leapmotor to list new C16 SUV on June 28

New Leapmotor 6 seat SUV the C16 is the largest and most advanced car yet from the brand. European sales likely to start in 2025.

Stellantis-baked Leapmotor C16 begins reaching dealerships ahead of sales start

The Leapmotor C16 has started reaching dealers across China ahead of the sales start. It adopts EV and EREV powertrain options.

Stellantis to launch Leapmotor’s sub-20,000 EUR electric hatchback in 9 European countries in September

Steallantis will start with Leapmotor T03 and C10 mid-size SUV.

Leapmotor C16 received more than 11,950 orders after 24 hrs of pre-sales

Leapmotor positioned the C16 as an "MPSUV" - multi-purpose sport utility vehicle.

Stellantis-baked Leapmotor C16 applied for a sales license in China

Leapmotor C16’s specs exposed by the Chinese regulator. It will soon enter the market to compete with the Huawei-baked Aito M7.

Stellantis backed Leapmotor A12 project spied in China

Spy shots of a new Leapmotor A12 project show a new small electric SUV which will be sold globally by Stellantis.

Stellantis introduces Leapmotor to Malaysia as affordable EV brand

Stellantis will introduce Leapmotor to the Malaysia market this year. It is positioned as an affordable EV brand.

Stellantis backed Leapmotor C16 spy shots – the half price Li L8

Spy shots emerge of Leapmotor C16 the next world car from the Stellantis backed Chinese EV producer. The car is likely to go to Europe.