2024 BYD Yuan Plus launched 2,200 USD cheaper than before

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The 2024 BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition entered the Chinese market and became 16,000 yuan (2,200 USD) cheaper than before. This model is well-known as Atto 3 in the overseas market as it is the main BYD driving force there. Now, the Yuan Plus starts from just 119,800 yuan (16,650 USD).

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What’s new about BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition

The BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition got a few enhancements compared to the 2023 model year version. It has a new black body color called “Black Knight”. All the chrome-plated trim of this version was blackened as well. The rims of the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition are also new. Other body colors remained the same.

Inside, the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition also adds the “Black Knight” color scheme. It combines black shades with silver elements and light green trim. The new color replaced the blue&gray scheme available earlier. So, the updated car has two interior variants: black and gray&black. The center console utilizes a 15.6-inch floating screen with a DiLink 4.0 intelligent system. Other upgrades comprise an intelligent voice assistant and an upgraded heat pump system.

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Dimensions of the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition are the same at 4455/1875/1615 mm with a wheelbase of 2720 mm. It is slightly smaller than the Volkswagen Tiguan. The Yuan Plus has a single electric motor on the front axle for 150 kW and 310 Nm. It is powered by two optional LFP batteries from FinDreams: 49.92 kWh for 430 km CLTC and 60.48 kWh for 510 km CLTC.

Price of the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition

Like its predecessor, the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition is available in five trim levels. The price of each trim was reduced by 16,000 yuan (2,200 USD). This means that Yuan Plus became 12% cheaper in the Chinese market. It is a part of BYD’s strategy of gaining the share of petrol-powered cars. As a result, the Yuan Plus cost is on par with Honda XR-V, Buick Envision Plus, Volkswagen T-Cross, and other petrol rivals. 

Here is information about trim levels and prices of the BYD Yuan Plus Honor Edition:

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  • 430KM Leading – 119,800 yuan (16,650 USD)
  • 430KM Transcend – 126,800 yuan (17,600 USD)
  • 510KM Leading – 129,800 yuan (18,000 USD)
  • 510KM Transcend – 139,800 yuan (19,420 USD)
  • 510KM Excellent – 147,800 yuan (20, 500 USD)

Previously, BYD reduced prices of BYD Tang DM-i, BYD Han DM-i, BYD Han EV, BYD Song Pro DM-i, BYD Qin Plus, BYD Chaser 05 (Chazor / Destroyer 05), and BYD Seal DM-i.

Source: BYD

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  1. Still no frunk and no improvements to charging power? Will BYD Atto 3 have the same features in Europe or could there be other improvements?

  2. I would of bought one in a flash, but refusing to put a bigger LFP battery in the new model is dismal. We know you have them.

    • yes i would like if they put a bigger battery in it. i have a atto3 a year ,11.000 km ,i have a average range of about 340km up to 360km. and also can they make it to fit a towbar.

  3. In Europe we need more versions of Byd Atto 3, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, implementing European standards such as Plug&Charge, greater autonomy and/or greater charging power, calculation of travel times and stops for trips, etc.


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