BYD Ocean-M production version revealed as BYD Seal X in China

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On May 11, the BYD Seal X hatchback was declared by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), positioned as a pure electric sedan under the Ocean series. It is likely the “X” is a name placeholder since nameplates of “Seal 06GT”, “Seal MINI” and “Seal 05EV” all appeared on the declaration. It is a production version of the BYD Ocean-M concept revealed last month at the Beijing Auto Show.

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Seal 06GT, Seal MINI, and Seal 05EV nameplates

Currently, the BYD Seal family consists of the Seal 06Seal EVSeal DM-i, and Seal U (an international name for the BYD Song Plus). In April, 14,269 vehicles were sold under the BYD Seal family, accounting for 10.26% of the Ocean series monthly sales, which were 139,046 vehicles.

The overall dimensions of the BYD Seal X are 4630/1880/1490 mm, and the wheelbase is 2820 mm. The tire specification is 225/50R18 and the maximum speed can reach 200 km/h. In addition, the BYD Seal X will be available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The single-motor model will have a maximum power of 160 kW, and the dual-motor model will have a combined power of 310 kW. The battery will come from BYD’s Blade batteries (lithium iron phosphate type) supplied by FinDreams. Other powertrain info has not been revealed further at this time.

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In the front, the slender headlights adopt a crescent-shaped design while the lower section adopts a fang-like design. The front is also equipped with a lidar.

Furthermore, the BYD Seal X will run on either petal-shaped or crab-claw rims, available in 18-inch and 19-inch.

For reference, the 2024 BYD Seal EV models declared by the Chinese MIIT earlier in March have the following power:

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  • BYD7006BEVA6: 170 kW single motor
  • BYD7006BEVA10: 230 kW single motor
  • BYD7006BEVA8: 390 kW dual motors

We’ll watch for more info closely for the BYD Seal X, stay tuned!

Source: Chinese MIIT, CNFOL, ITHome, AutoHome

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  1. Please don’t tell me this is the production version of the Ocean-M concept? If so I’d be very disappointed

      • Yep, noticed you’ve updated title well after I commented. I had a sneaking suspicion given a lot of the similarities but hopefully we get an upspecced version with some sort of body kit to give it some life and personality.

    • This could be the Golf/Impreza variant shown in the regulatory filing vs. the GTI/WRX performance spec.

      BTW, we live in privileged times when people consider an EV anticipated to be priced ~$19-26k, topping out at 530hp with AWD “very disappointing.”

      • My disappointment was more in reference to just how plain and boring this looks compared to the concept. I get that production models always have some changes from the concepts but this couldn’t be any less appealing really.

        As for the specs. The claim was “the world’s first EV performance RWD hatch” and if these numbers are correct the LR MG4 actually has more power so I’m not sure what this claim is based on.

  2. “Seal U” has been used not for the Song Plus in general, but only for the version of the Song Plus now called Sealion 06 that has the design of Ocean series rather than Dynasty series. Seems BYD is still working on getting their naming sorted.

  3. Where is the body kit? Where are the performance? Why is BYD showing a concept sport car and selling a boring car? And, by the way …

    car segments:
    A segment: up to 370 cm
    B segment: up to 400 cm
    C segment: up to 430 cm
    D segment: up to 460 cm
    E segment: up to 500 cm


    Noone will buy BYD cars in Europe (again) …


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