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MG Cyberster leaked ahead of the official launch at Chengdu Motor Show

AWD or RWD variant. The top trim level has a power of 544 HP.

Interior of the mass-production MG Cyberster unveiled in China. To hit the market this year

The MG Cyberster got a conventional steering wheel. To launch internationally in 2024 with 544 hp and up to 580 km of range.

Chinese brands registrations in Germany: MG 1780, Great Wall 155, Nio 44

BYD also registred 54 EVs, slightly up from April.

MG Cyberster exclusive test drive: here’s all you need to know

What does sitting behind the wheel of the MG Cyberster feel like?

MG7 sedan launched in China with 261 hp. Starting from 17,400 USD

The MG7 launched in China with decent styling and price. But even its top-trim level hasn't got all the features. To get them, you should pay extra.

MG Mulan Launched Two New Models In China With 425km And 520km Ranges

The price starts at 20,500 USD and 21,300 USD for the two models after subsidies in China.

MG Mulan Unveiled In China With 204 HP And 600-KM Range

The MG Mulan is an all-electric hatchback that will come to Europe. Recently it was exposed by Chinese MIIT. And now MG has officially...

MG MULAN Global EV debuts. Coming to Europe, does 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds

The MG MULAN has been debuted by MG (owned by SAIC) as a battery-electric vehicle performance car with a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration...

MG EH32 (CyberE) EV rolled off the SAIC production line. Coming to Europe to compete with ID.3

SAIC, the largest automaker in China, has officially mass-produced the first MG CyberE (codename EH32) at its Ningde plant. The MG CyberE is an...