Xiaomi SU7 to gain smart City NOA and other upgrades from June 6 in China

Xiaomi SU7 cars on June 6 will gain an OTA. One of the key changes is the introduction of City NOA. June also marks other changes for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi SU7 life cycle is not just 200,000 kilometers

Xiaomi Auto talks about testing of the SU7 and says that the lifespan of a car is more than 200,000 kilometers.

Xiaomi to add a second shift in June, boosting plant capacity to 20,000 units monthly

The daily operation hours will increase from 8 to 16 hours.

Xiaomi SU7 breaks down after 39 kilometers and cannot be repaired

Xiaomi SU7 drives 39 kilometers, breaks down and cannot be repaired. Amazingly driver wants a new car rather than a refund!

Xiaomi can produce an SU7 every 76 seconds thanks to new production processes

Xiaomi is using large scale die casting and other technologies to change how the SU7 car is produced helping it produce efficiently.

People queue hours to see Xiaomi SU7 closer at Beijing Auto Show [Report]

Xiaomi was the winner of Auto China 2024.

Xiaomi SU7 sold 75,723 units 28 days after its initial launch

Xiaomi becomes a "flagship-killer" for the auto industry

Chery iCar V23 off-road EV debuts in China, jointly developed with Xiaomi’s Zhimi subsidiary

Zhimi Technology is a Xiaomi ecological chain company. In this collaboration, Zhimi is responsible for the product definition while Chery is responsible for manufacturing and sales.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun started deliveries of Xiaomi SU7 electric sedan

Xiaomi Auto started deliveries of the Xiaomi SU7 Founders Edition to first owners as firm orders exceeded 100,000.