Tesla China

Top 10 retail bestselling brands in China, March 2024

Four Chinese independent brands made it to the top 10 list.

Tesla introduces special Chinese New Year OTA update

Tesla China has a new CNY themed OTA update

Tesla Cybertruck generates massive interest in China despite sales restrictions

Cybertruck tour opens to crowds yet sales reportedly impossible.

Tesla prepares for Giga Shanghai phase 3 expansion to produce 25,000 USD vehicle

The team for phase 3 project of Giga Shanghai was formed in 2021.

Tesla China raised the prices of Model Y LR and offered discounts to some models on the same day

Tesla models have previously experienced four price increases of varying degrees within two months.

Tesla to share Superchargers network with SAIC-GM’s Cadillac and Buick in China

Tesla currently operates 1,800 Supercharger stations with 11,000 charging points in Chins. Only a few of them are open to non-Tesla vehicles.

A second batch of thousands of Model 3 Highlands spotted at Shanghai port for export

Thousands of 2024 Model 3 are getting ready to head to Europe.

Facelifted Model 3+ will start deliveries end of October in China

Tesla Model 3+ started sales today in China.

Tesla sold 43,507 EVs in China in September, down 44%. Export up 453% YoY

China's market accounted for 32% of Tesla's global sales in Q3.

Tesla sold 74,073 China-made vehicles in September, down 11%

Tesla also exported over 30k China-made vehicles from Shanghai.