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Tesla China

China Exported More Than 3 Million Vehicles In 2022, 54.4% YoY Increase

China is now the world's second-largest car exporter.

Tesla orders spiked 500% in some cities in China after the price cut

Compared with Decemeber orders in China

China Exported More Than 2.7 Million Vehicles In The First 11 Months of 2022

In Europe, one out of every ten new energy vehicles comes from China!

Aggrieved Tesla Owners Form ‘Rights Protection Group’, Kick Against Price Reductions In China

Aggrieved Tesla owners in China have formed a 'rights protection group' and stormed Tesla’s office to protest against 'right infringement' by the automaker. Here’s...

Tesla China Switches To Camera-Based Autopilot System

Tesla China has silently updated an introduction page for an autopilot on its official website. According to an update, EVs produced by Tesla China...

Tesla Cuts Delivery Time for Model 3, Model Y by 6 Weeks in China

Information on Tesla China's website shows that the automaker has shortened the expected waiting period for the Tesla Model 3 by six weeks. Previously,...

Chinese NEV Sales Reached More Than 440K Units In July 2022

In July, 440,400 units of new energy vehicles (NEVs) were sold in China, a year-on-year increase of 112.3%, but a month-on-month decrease of 11.16%....

Tesla China Defies Musk’s 10% Layoff Order, Hire Hundreds of New Staff

Despite an anti-recruitment directive from Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, Tesla China has continued to advertise for open positions in the company. A look at...

Tesla Shanghai Sets A Record In June With 78,906 Vehicles Sold

Tesla Shanghai got back on track with record sales in June 2022. According to China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla China managed to sell...