IM Motors

IM L6 sold over 6,000 units 48 hours after launch

Delivery of the semi-solid state battery model will start in October, offering 1,000 km CLTC cruising range.

Newly launched IM L6 has record breaking tech

Clever technology helps the new SAIC IM L6 beat the moose test record speed and be the fastest Chinese EV car.

IM L6 breaks 25 year old moose test speed record

The IM L6 has beaten the moose test record which stood for 25 years. The car will launch on May 13 with new record speed.

IM L6 with semi-solid state battery to launch May 13

IM L6 will launch on May 13 with deliveries beginning later in May. Car has already achieved more than 10,000 pre-sales orders.

IM L6 does the moose test driverless

The IM L6 does the moose test driverless. Pictures show car doing near impossible parking and driving thanks to smart digital chassis.

IM L6 – world’s first production car with a solid state battery

IM L6 is set to become the world's first production car with a solid state battery, what can we expect?

IM L6 to launch in May, solid state battery gives 1000 km range

More details emerge about the electric IM L6 from SAIC destined for South America and Europe.

IM L6 debuts at the Geneva Show

IM Motors L6 world premiere at Geneva Motor Show. Sleek Chinese electric sedan debut.

2024 IM L7 enters market in China with 3.87s 0-100km/h acceleration, price starts at 42,200 USD

Two cruising range options are available in 625 km and 708 km.