IM L6 presales begin. With “solid-state battery” and 1,000 km range, starting at 31,800 USD

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Update April 12, 17:05 GMT+8

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IM Motors, a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corp, has been making waves in the automotive world with its highly anticipated IM L6. It captured attention for passing the moose test without a driver at 71 km/h. Moreover, IM claims the introduction of a new 130 kWh “solid-state battery (SSB)” with a CLTC range of 1,000 km, which signifies the evolution of electric vehicle battery capacity. Its price and other details have been announced as preorders started.

The IM L6 is offered in three variants. Pre-sales prices are as follows:

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  • Standard Max: priced below 230,000 yuan (31,800 USD)
  • High-performance: priced below 299,900 yuan (41,480 USD)
  • Lightyear Max (equipped with “solid-state battery”): priced below 330,000 yuan (45,640 USD)

During the event, IM claimed that the Lightyear battery is a 900V “solid-state battery.” At 400 kilowatts, 400 kilometers of range can be added in just 12 minutes. IM claims the CLTC’s range will exceed 1000 kilometers. This comes standard with the top trim variant, Lightyear Max.

Unlike its name, the battery is not fully solid-state but semi-solid state, meaning the energy-carrying fluid contains some solid species. IM Motors claims its 130 kWh Lightyear “solid-state battery” is the industry’s first mass-produced semi-solid-state battery with ultra-fast charging capabilities.

Other variants feature two NMC battery choices with standard liquid electrolytes, 90 kWh and 100 kWh, providing a range of 700-770 km CLTC.

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IM L6 is the brand’s latest model. It measures 4931/1960/1474 mm and has a wheelbase of 2950 mm. It continues the design language of other IM models as a hatchback, allowing for more cargo space and flexibility. Inside, POPO seats are used. The magnetic suction discs on the back of the front seat can be used to hold a phone, a tablet, or a mirror for the rear passengers to use. It has a large panoramic roof. 60/40 split fold-down rear seats provide more expandability while carrying over-size luggage.

IM L6 is equipped with Nvidia Orin X, Qualcomm 8295, and LiDAR. It introduces innovative features such as multi-angle Carlog (using built-in cameras for in-car Vlog recording) and City Drive (providing local content on the car display). The car also features intelligent driving functions.

Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with DZT dynamic tracking technology (identifying dangerous objects using a 360° camera). Its city NOA driving assistant is set to launch nationwide within this year.

The new car also offers an “Apple ecosystem plugin” to mirror images from iPhones.

The new car will feature the first-generation VMC (Vehicle Motion Control) smart digital chassis technology, equipped with rear-wheel steering, intelligent electronic damping, air suspension, and more. This technology allows unique maneuvers like “crab walking” during tight corners and advanced parallel parking.

IM L6 is equipped with a self-developed “Hurricane motor” with a maximum speed of 21,000 rpm. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.74 seconds. The dual-motor four-wheel-drive model has two motors, 200 kW and 379 kW. It can hit a maximum speed of 268 km/h. There are 3 options for the single-motor models: 216 kW, 248 kW, and 300 kW.

It was announced that it is available in seven colors, including gray, pink, yellow, black, and white. Other colors will be announced later.

IM Motors is a collaboration of SAIC Motor Corporation Group, Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, and Alibaba Group. It aims to rival the likes of Tesla and Nio. SAIC produces IM-branded vehicles.

IM vehicles are only sold in Mainland China right now. In 2023, IM sold 38,253 units, far behind its rivals. Tesla sold over 645,000 units in China during the same period. Let’s not forget the new Xiaomi SU7, which received over 100,000 orders. Liu Tao, CEO of IM Motors, directly compared the IM L6 with the Xiaomi SU7 during the event. IM needs to hit a home run with the L6.

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  1. Unfortunately just another version of the NMC batteries. SEMI solid state batteries are not ‘solid state batteries’. Whatever they are called. But the range looks to be very good.

    The car seem great though, and with the MG logo, SAIC may sell a lot of them overseas.

    • hello…. hello … wake up: carnewschina is promotion site for chinese cars that is constantly to spreading lies and false overly positive “facts” of chinese cars… has been doing it since the start.

      This site is just as informative as a sales brochure … probably even worse.

      • I totally disagree with you regarding this. The fullfill a special role as informers from Chinese car industry, which is important.

        I have followed CNC for more than 10 -12 years, since Tycho started this site, and it have kept me updated and well informed. I don’t read Chinese (neither mandarin nor canton languages).

        Andy ou know, everyone don’t HAVE TO read CNC if they don’t want to. Or don’t agree.

      • Peter, I must disagree with you: Although the site has gone quite nationalistic (very much in line with the government by the way) it is still the best source for english-speaking information on the market if you are able to read between the lines of propaganda.

        • Hi Felix, I see you are our long term reader so I will reply to this. Thanks for your support but I have to make this very clear – we are not nationalistic. If you see such a narrative in any article, feel free to reach me at jiri at carnewschina .com anytime so I can have a look at it.

          Our main objective is to be unbiased and report both good and bad from China Auto Inc. Quite often we receive requests from China automakers or their PR agencies to delete some article (not change or add their comment, but delete) as they are not happy with our review or angle we took. We even got banned in 2014 in Shenzhen as we were making fun of some BYD copy cat cars. Also, we are the only China-automedium which is not China-owned.

          From time to time batch of new readers come and then this happens – accusation of propaganda, promotion blabla. So then on one side we have angry automakers and on other new readers who think we do propaganda. I hate those periods, but usually it passes in a few months.

          • Jiri, no need to respond to such a hasty critic of CNC.
            Anyone who has been reading your (well rounded) team’s industry coverage, for a while, can easily see that you do your best to enlighten readers about the latest products, and the people behind them.., without significant brand or national bias.

      • When a new car is released you have the information from the manufacturer. Are you looking for a personal review before it is possible? This car has everything thrown in it so most likely it is going to have a lot of problems and not really be a performance driving car. It is ugly too. But they are trying. It is hard to respect any brand that spends so much time bagging on another brand to help sell their own product.

  2. Looks pretty in these pictures, but a video of Wheelsboy shows another side. The C-style pillar is rather high. It imbalances the car a bit.

    • Hi, Wheelsboy has previously reviewed the IM L7 and LS7. However, the IM L6 is a completely new model. Test drive for the new car is not yet available. It is unlikely Wheelsboy has done so.

  3. That’s a con. The battery is enormous. It doesn’t offer any advantage over existing batteries. And any range quoted by Chinese companies is 30% above the real world range.


    • I think its denser than NMC batteries currently in production. That is a huge value add. That said we need independent review of these cars. Hopefully we get them both for IM L6 and Nio with Semi Solid state batteries.


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