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Spy Shots: new Guangzhou-Toyota Yaris

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The Guangzhou-Toyota Yaris has been going for a while and not very strong. Competition from local Chinese brand is fierce and the Yaris was loosing out. Time so, for a new one. But it ain’t too new, it got a new front with a strange looking grille and some changes on the dashboard. This might be not good enough to get sales up, and even worse: no new engines. Toyota will offer exactly the same 1.3 and 1.6 as in the current car.

Current Yaris. The front of the new car is bigger with more overhang. But it is still a change and some might like it. Now see what they dit to the dash:

Note the ‘alu’-panels on both sides of the center console.

Current interior. Sided of the center console in black, middle in ‘alu’. Tada!, new dash, it is indeed so easy.

Apart from a few minor changes in the bumper the back remains the same. Toyota came late to the Chinese market but doesn’t seem to catch up. Where are the new cars?

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  1. Dear Sir,
    To be honest, I am really very happy with my Toyota Yaris Car 1.6liter Black color with all the option accept sun roof and leather seats, but, have to say sorry for Toyota, if you see very carefully where there is the A/C vantilation, the plastic used is of White in Color, not even silver or Black, looks very cheap, also the handels for doors are of light Grey color, which should have be the same as Dash Board or little Light color than Dash Board and same quality, it also looks like very cheap Plastic, moreover, the A/C Buttons used for Chinese Yaris cars are manual where as in Europe and other markets they have used it Digital and Elctronic, I feel here they should have improved the quality, but to be honest, I have spent more than RMB 40,000 to 50,000 and really give some new image, but still can not change the handle’s for doors or etc, anyway, to be honest, overall, i am happy after changing so many things in my car, i wish can send you the pictuers for my car.

    Best Regards

  2. Thanks for giving the facelift to new Yaris, but, the price difference to earlier and this new model after face life is very high, whereas, toyota vios has already reduced the price more than Rmb. 10,000, hope you should try to consider the price difference and try to market more cars in market.

    Probably you should give more confidence to buyers, for your quality, service and support, as toyota is know for its value in market.

    Hope you would consider all this points and keep in mind to improve the same.

    Best Regards


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