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Extreme Tuning from China: Brilliance BS4 with Lambo-doors

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Another extremely modified Brilliance BS4 from China. Earlier on we saw one Brilliance BS6 which wanted to be a BMW, today we have a BS4 with Lambo-doors. Things that changed: the doors for sure, low profile tires, new alloys, a full-size body kit, new bumper and a new bonnet wrapped in gold.

Brilliance BS4 with Lambo-doors

This great car resides somewhere in Liaoning Province in north-east China. The capital of Liaoning is Shenyang which is also home of Brilliance Automotive and the Brilliance-BMW joint venture.

Brilliance BS4 with Lambo-doors

The standard Brilliance BS4 sedan is a fine car for a good price but it is rather boring as well. The BS4 however has a huge following in the tuning-scene, it is easy to tune up the engine to much more horsepower that than standard max 120. The BS4 is also used a lot for amateur-racing, just like its bigger brother BS6.

Brilliance BS4 with Lambo-doors

Big wing, diffuser, all good. Good car, approved!

Via: Xcar.com.

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