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Spy Shot: Fiat 500C testing in China

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New spy pics from the Fiat 500C testing in China. The standard Fiat 500 fashion accessory was listed on the Chinese car market late last year. It doesn’t seem to be doing very well, I haven’t seen a single one so far. Maybe the fact that Fiat has less than a 100 dealers in China got something to do with that. Or the price maybe, which ranges from 170.000 yuan up until 230.000 yuan. Ridiculous. You can but a locally made Honda CR-V for that, top spec!

Fiat 500C testing in China

Fiat though doesn’t give up and will bring this Fiat 500C to the Chinese market, a convertible with an electric soft top. Convertibles are chronically unpopular in China, mostly thanks to the air pollution, noise and endless traffic jams. Many automakers don’t even bother to bring any convertible to China. Fiat bravely does, we say good luck.

Via: 163.com.

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