Fiat Palio thinks it is a BMW X1 in China

Published on May 11, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Fiat Palio BMW X1

Here we have a very fine Fiat Palio hatchback, thinking very hard it is a BMW X1. I saw this fuzzy vehicle here in Beijing today in the Sanlitun area, it had a BMW-badge on the bonnet as well which I couldn’t pic because the Palio-X1 just took off in a hurry.

The Fiat Palio was made in China until 2008 by the now dead Nanjing-Fiat joint venture. The Palio however is not dead, it still lives as the Zotye ZH200B. The Fiat Siena sedan, which was also made by Nanjing-Fiat, lives on as the ZH200, and there is even a Dragon Edition available!

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