Horse kicks Ferrari in China, with Movie

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A prancing horse from Italy got into a fight with a real horse in Shanghai, China. A Ferrari 458 and a Lamborghini Aventador were cruising along a busy street near the Shanghai World Expo Center when a local horse riding club crossed their path. The Ferrari driver hit the horn like Ferrari drivers do. One of the horses however didn’t find that cool and attacked… See below for the movie! Kick at 5 seconds!

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That is an angry horse indeed, bang was loud and hard! The owner of the Ferrari sure got angry and jumped out of his car to explain those horse riding hippies his view on the world, but he didn’t call for police, likely because he didn’t have a license plate on his horse-kicked car. Damage seems limited, horse hit Ferrari just above the wheel where bodywork is strong. Still, this 458 will need some repairs…

This incident in Shanghai is the third set-back for Ferrari in China in a very short time. In early May Ferrari had to apologize to ‘the’ Chinese people for damaging an old city wall, and just last week Ferrari announced an embarrassing recall. What’s going on there in Italy, too busy with cappuccino makers and other irrelevant Ferrari-branded crap? It’s about the cars, you stupido!

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Via: Kankanews.

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  1. I don’t understand. Why is this a setback for Ferrari? Presumably, the driver owned the car, or had he stolen it, if it had no plates.

    In any case, the driver is at fault for being an impatient idiot, not Ferrari. I find your logic completely faulty.

    What’s going on there China? Too busy with making crap plastic products for export to the world, and other irrelevant fake Swiss watches and cheap sneakers?

    I did not appreciate the dissing of Italians for the behavior of some wacked out CHINESE driver.

  2. Could be, but the girl drives the horse. And the horse basically did what she asked him to do. She came way too close to that car and seemly did it quit on purpose… watch her really good, you’ll see… it ain’t the horse, it is his master… I love real horses and I love ferrari


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