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Strange vehicle from China with 5 wheels

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Well hello! Here we have a very strange home-made vehicle from China. It has five wheels. Two big at the front, two small one at the back, and one other big wheel where the driver sits on. According to reader ‘Mr. OshZ’, who saw the vehicle near the great city of Xiamen in Fujian Province, it was actually motorized. The accelerator sat somewhere under the driver’s right foot and a handle near his right hand controlled the steering a bit. An interesting invention…

Strange vehicle from China with 5 wheels

I can’t see the engine but the vehicle clearly has enough power to keep up with traffic. Is there a V8 hidden under the trash?

Strange vehicle from China with 5 wheels

The driver, wearing a hat that makes him look even smarter, is in the recycling business.  He ain’t doing too bad, his strange cart contains at least 200 yuan worth of old carton. If things go like this every day a V8 might be a real possibility indeed…

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